Open Joist TRIFORCE® – Tranquility Under Your Feet

A Light, Versatile and Easy-to-Install Floor System

Offer yourself tranquility under your feet with TRIFORCE® floor joists; the only fully adjustable and perforated joists made of wood and assembled with no metal connectors. It allows the passage of mechanical ducts, pipes and wires without difficulty. It’s also adjustable on the job site and saves on installation time.


  • Open Joist: Allows for the free and easy passage of mechanical ductwork, plumbing, wires and other continuous building components
  • Precision: Fabricated using a fully automated manufacturing process that ensures unparalleled precision, strength and a streamlined profile
  • Easy to install: TRIFORCE® open joists are light and can be quickly cut to length for fast and easy installation
  • No metal connection plates: Greatly reduces the possibility of creaking and fabrication defects.


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Case Study: Bonneville Homes

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