Prefabricated Walls

Prefabricated walls are highly appreciated by builders who are always on the lookout for practical and cost-effective solutions to speed up and improve construction.

Custom-made walls that are ready to be Installed

Barrette Structural prefabricated walls are custom-made at our plant and arrive at the jobsite ready to be installed according to your construction plan.

Fast and cost-effective installation

Would you like to step up the pace of construction at your next residential, multi-residential or commercial project? Prefabricated walls are the answer. Designed in accordance with your construction specs, they are delivered straight to your jobsite for fast and cost-effective installation.

Barrette Structural’s prefabricated walls offer exceptional quality and are highly accurate. Delivered directly to your site and designed according to your assembly plans, they will save you time and money. Three variations are available to meet all your needs.


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Barrette Structural Offers Three Lines of Prefabricated Wall Products:


  • Single-family homes: These high quality walls are fabricated using a variety of materials for an unbeatable price/quality ratio
  • Multi-residential buildings: These superior quality walls offer an excellent price/quality ratio as well as the bracing capacity required in major projects
  • Commercial buildings: Manufactured in larger sections, these prefabricated walls offer exceptional quality at an outstanding price