The Loggia project is now completed: a Bonneville Industries project designed in collaboration with Barrette Structura

Loggia is the first prefabricated and modular six-story building project built in Canada. It’s manufacturer, Bonneville Industries has been building modular homes for 55 years now. Located on the south shore of Montreal, the Loggia buildings have a total of 78 modules and offer 241 high-end rental housing units. 

It should be noted that Bonneville industries uses the open joist TRIFORCE® exclusively for its floor structures, across all its projects.

In the case of this bold project, the company chose TRIFORCE® not only because of its load performance but also because it isolates the modules from each other for enhanced soundproofing.

We are proud to maintain our position at the cutting edge of innovation, as well as exclusive relationships with leading builders.  

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