Bonneville Homes use the TRIFORCE® open joist exclusively for all their floor systems

Bonneville Homes, a prefab home manufacturer, was looking for the best floor system to meet the requirements of its industry and its clients. Having already considered, tried and tested other options, the manufacturer turned to Barrette Structural, opted for the Open Joist 2000 and, a few years later, the TRIFORCE® open joist.

Thanks to its open web design and the strength of triangulation, the TRIFORCE® open joist is strong and durable, enabling Bonneville Homes to achieve ground-breaking efficiency. The manufacturer is also saving time and money by preinstalling plumbing, electric wiring, and HVAC before the house leaves the factory. Hiding mechanicals in the floor cavity also makes the home more spacious and allows more storage space while avoiding ceiling drops.

Thanks to these benefits, Bonneville Homes is now using the TRIFORCE® open joist exclusively for their prefab homes. This successful collaboration between two Quebec businesses offers the clients of Bonneville Homes a high quality product that is both strong and comfortable.

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