Barrette Structural supports TeamMTL in building a green house for an international competition

The Solar Decathlon green architecture competition will take place in Dezhou, China from July through fall 2018. Over 20 student teams from 11 countries will compete to design and build a 120 to 200m2, two-story, solar-powered dwelling that is large enough to house a family.

Barrette Structural is proud to support and provide building components to TeamMTL, a joint project between McGill and Concordia universities, and the only team representing Canada in the Solar Decathlon. The house they are building is inspired by the Passivhaus princples, the most stringent and strict energy efficiency standards in the industry, and will integrate our TRIFORCE® floor system.

The benefits of using the TRIFORCE® open joist in Passivhaus projects

TeamMTL also has the support of Ecocor, the first certified Passive House components manufacturer outside of Europe. As explained in the video below, Ecocor themselves see many advantages in using the TRIFORCE® open joist, manufactured by Barrette Structural, in their projects.

One of the benefits is the amount of time saved onsite. Indeed, because it is lighter than a regular joist, the TRIFORCE® is easier to carry and install. Furthermore, its open web design makes it easy to run ducts, pipes and wires.

Another major benefit is that, even if it is an open joist, the TRIFORCE® remains robust. Robust enough, in fact, to cover lengths of up to 32 feet.

Finally, its all-wood design makes it an environmentally friendly alternative to other floor systems. All these benefits make the TRIFORCE® a perfect component for houses inspired by the Passivhaus standards.

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