Barrette Structural sponsors the house donation project of Le Chantier training center to help the Anishnabe community

Barrette Structural is proud to support the house donation project of Le Chantier professional training center. This initiative offers a free house, built by carpentry students during their training, to a community in need.

The students chose to help the Lac Simon Anishnabe nation and hope to help some of the many families in need of a home. They will thus not only complete their training, but also contribute to a humanitarian cause.

Besides, while the house built every year during the training is usually disassembled, this year’s initiative adds an environmentally sustainable aspect to the training project. This time, the house will be preserved and built according to the needs of the community.

The human and environmental impact of this initiative brought Barrette Structural to get involved and provide free wood framing products such as the entire floor system (including TRIFORCE® open joists, hangers, trusses, and posts) as well as the roof trusses. We are proud to contribute to an educative project in which not only is waste reduced, but the materials, talent and efforts of students also contribute to a great cause.

Our congratulations the Group 160 students from Le Chantier training center for their initiative and contribution to making a difference in our society!

Photos of the projet