Barrette Structural gives a Domus Prize

Barrette Structural had the honor last Friday, March 16, of giving a Domus Prize in the category Rent / Condo Unit of more than $250,000 and less than $500,000.

Organized by the APCHQ, the Domus Gala was at its 35th edition this year and is rewarding professional builders who have demonstrated exceptional qualities. Having gained in notoriety and media presence for many years, the contest results now weigh in the balance when buying or renovating a property.

Being there to give a Prize was an opportunity for Barrette Structural and its team to highlight the talent and the high-quality work accomplished by entrepreneurs in our industry. It is also a way for us to draw attention to our commitment to supporting those who build solid, sustainable, and customer-focused homes. Because a home is much more than just a building!

Barrette Structural offers its warmest congratulations to Grevik inc., who won the Domus Prize for their project called Le Viking, as well as to all the finalists and participants.