Le 8 Duplessis: roof trusses now sit atop the structure

The structure of the 8 Duplessis project is now almost completed! Nearly all the roof trusses were installed in March and became the crowning achievement. The project includes 323 roof trusses, comprised of 208 different models, for a total of 8,858 linear feet.

The structure is made of a high roof for the living units, as well as a lower roof over the subterranean parking lot, which will cover 16 of the available spots. The structure of this lower part was designed to withstand additional loads caused by snow falling from the higher part.

As for that higher portion, it incorporates trusses with concave slopes that form roof ponds. Furthermore, the roof includes collector trusses aligned on specific axis and made to withstand seismic charges determined by the project engineer. Besides, an attachment system made with special hangers has been designed for these trusses.

Finally, the mechanical units that power the ventilation system have been positioned on the higher roof and the extra load they create is distributed on specially designed trusses.

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Photos of the project


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