About Barrette Structural

50 Years of Expertise. 700 Dedicated Employees. 5 Manufacturing Plants, at the Forefront of Technology.

Barrette Structural is a branch of Barrette LTD. It now stands as a leader in the wood frame industry and engineered wood products in Quebec and Ontario.

It was only in the early 2000’s that the first foundation of what would become Barrette Structural was established, with a partnership with Distribution Toiture Mauricienne to manufacture roof trusses and I-joists.

The company has grown over the years with mergers and acquisitions, uniting its business model. Barrette Structural is a fusion between Toitures Mauricienne, Dionne Fermes de toit, Chevron Lavallois, Pro-Kit, Almonte Truss, Superior Roof Truss and Structure Laferté.

Barrette Structural now supplies roof trussesprefabricated walls and Open Concept Floor System for thousands of construction projects each year in the residential, multi-residential, institutional, commercial and agricultural sector.

Our Values

At Barrette Structural, our values are at the very heart of our success:

  • Forget how everyone else does it.
  • Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.
  • Pay attention to details.
  • Listen to your client.
  • Learn from mistakes.
  • Concentrate your attention on the individual.
  • Succeed as a team.
  • Be better, not bigger.
  • Look at things in the long-term.
  • Be agile and flexible.

The refusal of the Status Quo

At Barrette Structural, we’ve never been satisfied with the status quo approach. Our innovations, which have since revolutionized the industry, are proof of our determination to excel.

As a result, Barrette Structural is now poised to offer expertise, production capacity and product quality that are unequalled in Quebec.
For decades, roof trusses and floor joists were assembled manually using a costly and tedious process. Thanks to our enthusiasm and commitment to ingenuity, Barrette Structural has forever changed the way these components are made. With “there’s no such thing as impossible” as our motto, we’ve fully automated fabrication processes at our plant which currently produces the highest quality roof trusses and I-joists in Quebec.

At Barrette Structural, we pledge to guide and accompany our customers from start to finish while delivering products that are safe, sound and of the utmost quality.

Our Commitment

Choosing Barrette Structural is choosing peace of mind!
At Barrette Structural, you have the commitment of an entire company to provide you with superior quality services. It’s the promise of an experienced team of technical representatives, engineers, technicians, estimators, administrative staff and dedicated workers who join together to provide customers with the best roof trusses, prefabricated walls and I-joists in the industry.

Our purpose

Exceed the expectations of our customers in achieving their construction projects, it is our purpose. To do this, we are committed to deliver:

  • Unparallelled personalized service to our customer;
  • Support and assistance in carrying out each stage of your project;
  • The highest quality products.

An Exceptional Plant

Our lumber framing, roof trusses, prefabricated walls and TRIFORCE open joists are all manufactured in our new laminated wood plant, designed according to the principles of sustainable development. It is currently the largest such industrial building in Eastern Canada.

There are surprisingly few large wooden structures in North America, even though they have existed in Europe for years. We believe that this innovative project, which we are very proud of, contributes to sustainable development in Canada.