Informed Choices for Professionals in Architecture and Engineering

Architects, Choose the Easy Way

Expertise and Proximity

At Barrette Structural, we know that the ability to rely on your suppliers, as well as their products, services and expertise, is key to ensuring the success of any project, large or small.

Are you an architect? Barrette Structural products and services can make your task easier while also providing added peace of mind.
A construction project is a major collaboration in which each partner plays an important role. We strive to facilitate the task of all project partners by streamlining the various stages of the construction process.

Thanks to our innovative products and highly collaborative approach, more and more architects are now integrating Barrette Structural components in their designs.

Professionals, contractors and consumers alike can look to Barrette Structural in order to source high quality roof trussesprefabricated walls and I-joists while also taking advantage of the company’s proximity and generous support services. Our products can be incorporated in any construction plan, no matter how complex, and are also ideal for the construction of multilevel buildings featuring up to six floors.

The Logical Choice for Engineers

Opt for Accuracy and Respect Towards Technical Details

Thanks to its expertise and commitment to service, the Barrette Structural team is the logical choice for engineers.
Engineers play a key role in construction projects. From design to planning to jobsite management, they are front and center, overseeing decisions, operations and various other aspects of the construction process.

At Barrette Structural, we understand both the nature and importance of the tasks performed by engineers, which is why we’re committed to facilitating your interventions as much as possible. We pledge to supply high quality roof trusses, prefabricated walls and I-joists that comply with plans and specifications in every respect while also paying careful attention to other technical details in order to ensure the successful execution of your construction project. Our in-house engineering team is also at your service to support and assist you as needed.