Simplicity and Security for the Contractor

Partner Up with the Barrette Structural Team

On a construction site, long work interruptions are not tolerated. Careful planning and prevention are therefore essential in order to avoid costly delays. And it starts from the beginning of the project with the adequate review of your plans and specifications, technical drawings and a precise assembly of demanded products and, it ends with the delivery at the right time.

Choosing to work with the team at Barrette Structural means choosing ease and security for your projects.

Barrette Structural offers collaborative and personalized service throughout the project to ensure that everything on your site is going as planned and safely.

The Barrette Structural team pledges to supply contractors with superior quality products within the specified timeframe as well as the ongoing collaboration of our expert technical advisors, both of which are key ingredients of our success. A construction project is a team effort, and Barrette Structural is proud to be on yours!