One-Stop Supplier for Carpenter-Framers

Proximity and Reliability are the Trademarks of the Barrette Structural Team

Barrette Structural – Everything you need, all under one roof!
Working with multiple suppliers can be complicated. Moreover, should one of them miss a deadline, it can impact the execution of the entire project and result in stoppages, costly delays and possibly penalties. Being in the construction industry ourselves, we know all too well the many challenges faced by companies that operate in this sector.

By offering roof trussesprefabricated walls and Open Concept Floor System all under one roof, Barrette Structural serves as a one-stop supplier in order to streamline materials purchasing for carpenters and framers in addition to stepping up the pace of construction while eliminating potential delays. All of our products are designed to ensure optimal structural integrity.

In partnering with Barrette Structural, you are choosing a reliable, local and customer-centric supplier that fabricates innovative, rugged and high-precision products, thereby ensuring the success of your construction project.